Things you should be aware to care of Moissanite Engagement Ring

Can I work out while wearing my engagement ring?

A decision based solely on your personal preferences and the type of exercise you’re doing. Certain types of exercise, such as weight lifting or contact sports, are more likely to damage your ring than others, such as running or cycling, which, with proper care, should be perfectly safe for your ring. Keep in mind that your moissanite engagement ring is a fine piece of jewelry, which means it is very delicate. If you’re even slightly concerned about the safety of your engagement ring while exercising, take it off. If you decide to wear your ring, take appropriate safety precautions; it would be extremely upsetting if your engagement ring was lost or damaged.

Can I swim while wearing my engagement ring?

Wearing your ring in water is completely safe; however, chlorine and sodium chloride (NaCL) from salt water will remain on the ring’s surface, usually causes dark spots on precious metals and, in some cases, a slight breakdown of your ring’s setting. Also, remember that cold water causes a drop in your body temperature, causing your hands to shrink and increasing the likelihood of your ring slipping off your hand. Swimming in a cold pool or sea isn’t ideal for your moissanite or lab diamond engagement ring in general, and we’d always recommend that you remove your ring before doing so to avoid any damage or loss.

Is there anything else I should take off my ring for?

Moissanite is one of the world’s hardest minerals, ranking 9.25 on the MOHs hardness scale, second only to diamonds, indicating that the stone is highly scratch resistant and unaffected by daily wear. Cooking, cleaning, DIY, and gardening are all activities that can damage your engagement ring. For example, similar to diamonds, everyday household solutions can cause a film buildup, reducing the sparkle of your moissanite stones, or your ring could be knocked or scratched during laborious housework.

Again, whether you remove your ring for these activities is a personal decision based on whether you believe the activity is safe for your ring. Simply remove your ring if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it. Finally, risking losing or damaging your extremely valuable engagement ring by wearing it for such activities is not worth it.

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