About AlerceGems

At AlerceGems, our goal is to evoke a sense of luxury and class that you just can't find anywhere else. We believe in the power of jewelry to elevate your entire look—and we want to make sure that you experience that same sense of luxury when you're shopping with us. Our mission is simple: we want to provide our customers with the best jewelry experience possible. We want you to feel like royalty when you're shopping with us (in fact, we actually are royalty!). And we want to make sure that when you leave our store, you feel like a queen or king!


AlerceGems has worked in moissanite diamonds for more than five years and has gained vast expertise with moissanite, from cutting to polishing. Find the amazing, premium Moissanite and their jewelry for the most luxurious appearance. Moissanites are eco-friendly and conflict-free in their natural environment. We offer the moissanite at an affordable cost for everyone to purchase and help make their desires become a reality.

We are a manufacturer of moissanite and exporter located in India.

Step into Moissanite World!

AlerceGems believes that our clients should have greater options for their special occasions to be more memorable. We have an impressive selection of premium jewelry that you've been looking at.

At AlerceGems, customers can discover the everyday jewelry they need to wear, to stunning diamond designs.

Our Facility Is Equipped With Quality Artisans, High Technology, and Improved Machinery. We're happy to take care of any Order of Any size and high quality.

We will assist you throughout your lifetime. The diamonds we design are conflict-free diamonds. This means that the diamonds we select are environmentally-friendly and ethically sourced.

Our high-quality moissanite jewelry and moissanite have received widespread acclaim from customers from international markets. Switzerland, USA, UK, Russia, Australia, the Netherlands, and Thailand are our top markets. You'll have a clear view of the purchase when you choose loose Moissanite.

Loose Moissanite is the best choice for sparkle, high-quality diamonds. Expert advice 24 hours a day, 30 days refund/replacement guarantee at a cost-effective price. We design beautiful designs for our customers.

We don't compromise on quality, comfort, or quality, as we ensure that you get the jewelry you will treasure for the rest of your lives. Unscrew Moissanite. Care to examine the designs they design to meet the client's needs.

We work through every aspect at the planning