How to Clean Moissanite Ring

how to clean moissanite ring
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A moissanite band can sparkle with the radiance of a thousand stars creating a dazzling atmosphere and turning heads everywhere you travel. What happens if your rings have lost their sparkle and have specks of dirt, grime, and dust taking out the shine? With the distinctive symbolism of moissanite, it is essential to ensure you handle the stone with diligence.

We’re happy to share some positive news: following these helpful suggestions on cleaning your moissanite jewelry to restore it to its sparkling beauty.

Use these four tips for cleaning to ensure that your moissanite engagement wedding ring or other jewelry shine like new and your style is more elegant than ever.


Like every other precious stone Moissanite, jewelry maintenance is crucial to keep their appearance as fresh as the day you bought the ring. If you frequently wear your ring, cleaning your jewelry at least every month is best. A simple at-home cleaning process can keep your moissanite jewelry sparkling to ensure it is worn regularly.

Similar to natural diamonds, the toughness of moissanite can be cleaned with surprising cleaning techniques. To properly clean your ring in your home, polish your jewelry made of moissanite using just some simple components that you have at hand.

Let’s examine each option more in-depth.

Cleanse Your Ring by using soap and water

In terms of moissanite ring maintenance and care for jewelry, it is essential to stay clear of harsh chemicals that can harm the stone. Additionally, you’ll be surprised at how simple cleaning is for jewelry made of moissanite at home.

It may seem too good, to be honest, but the exact ingredients you use to clean your other household items will help restore your moissanite-colored ring. We’re talking about the tried-and-true combo of water and soap.

To remove your ring from home, using detergent and water, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make a small dish with water that is lukewarm. It’s not necessary filling the bowl to the top. Just plug it in with enough water to fill the circle
  1. Add a few drops of moderate soap to the water. Choose an organic soap with organic ingredients and a few chemicals to ensure security.
  1. Immerse your ring in water for 10 minutes. This will allow the water to remove stubborn pieces of grime and dirt.
  1. Rub your ring gently with the help of a soft toothbrush or cloth. It is possible to use a brush specially designed for babies since bristles are typically more gentle. While scrubbing your meeting, you should focus close on the difficult-to-access spots.
  1. Rinse your ring thoroughly with water and let it dry completely.

If you continue to see dirt and grime on the jewelry after washing it using soap and water, it might be helpful to utilize commercial jewelry cleaning products.

However, you should only choose cleaning products that do not contain hazardous chemicals, like bleach or ammonia. Although these chemicals are effective in cleansing surfaces, they can affect the shine of your ring.

Clean With Baking Soda and Vinegar

Cleaning moissanite jewelry may require more than just soap and water. You could also use bubbling vinegar and baking soda to remove the stubborn dirt and dirt.

To get rid of your moissanite this way, Follow these steps:

  1. Add two tablespoons of baking soda into the bowl of a small size.
  1. Add a half cup of white wine vinegar to the bowl. If the vinegar touches the baking soda and the baking soda, a chemical reaction is likely to take place, which causes the mixture to rise.
  1. Be sure that baking soda is completely dissolving by mixing the mixture using a fork.
  1. Put your moissanite ring into the solution for 2 hours. Don’t scrub your call when in the solution, as baking soda may scratch the gem or damage its setting.
  1. Cleanse your ring using cold water, then allow it to dry in a secure location.

Shine Your Ring With Ketchup

Your favorite condiment isn’t just making your fries taste better. Ketchup will aid in cleaning the moissanite band.

This is because the acidity of vinegar and tomatoes helps to eat away build-up.

To wash with ketchup, follow these steps:

  1. Add one or two tablespoons of the sauce to a small bowl.
  2. Incubate the ring in the sauce until it’s completely coated.
  3. Then scrub the ring thoroughly with a soft toothbrush, then rinse it with cold water.


Cleaning your rings at home at least once per month is a great way to keep your precious stone in good form. However, to protect your precious stone for future generations, It’s best to bring it to an expert jewelry cleaning service at least once yearly.

Expert jewelry cleaning professionals are experts at thorough moissanite cleaning. They can transform your moissanite band from dirty to elegant in minutes.

Their secret? Ultrasonic jewelry devices.

Ultrasonic jewelry machines generate high-frequency vibrations to eliminate stuck-on dirt, grime, and grease.

While these tools aren’t costly, making them available at home could produce mixed results and even can cause damage to your rings. However, professional cleaners use the most modern equipment and experience to utilize them correctly. Additionally, they have the equipment and expertise to enhance your moissanite-based ring cleaning to the highest levels.


The proper storage of your moissanite jewelry is just as important as washing it regularly. In the end, what’s the purpose of scrubbing your ring if storage exposes it to humidity, dust, dirt, and humidity?

The proper way to store your ring will help to prevent these:

  • Exposure to elements Exposure to the elements for long periods, sunlight, and heat could cause damage to the jewelry. It’s essential to store your moissanite jewelry in a cool, dark area, like the closet. Don’t store the ring close to a window or in the bathroom. The former could expose the crew to too much sun and make it vulnerable to moisture.
  • Lost If you’ve spent long hours getting ready for a special event, it’s a shock to miss the final touch — your favorite piece of jewelry just minutes before you walk out of the door. If you properly store your moissanite jewelry, you’ll be able to pinpoint where it’s.
  • Damage to other jewelry Although a small number of materials can scratch moissanite. There are a few that can—most particularly natural diamonds. The proper way to store moissanite is to keep it out of other stones and substances that could cause damage. In contrast, keeping it away from soft gems like topaz and emerald will protect the stones.

How to Properly Store Your Moissanite Ring

If you know that storing your sparkling, clean moissanite properly is essential, it’s time to choose which place to keep it. Here are some storage suggestions to get you started:

  • Please keep it in a jewelry box that is partitioned. A jewelry box that is partitioned keeps your moissanite ring, as well as other jewelry, in a safe, secure, and safe location. The most secure jewelry boxes have soft fabric, such as linen. It is also essential to have enough storage space to organize your jewelry by type, from sapphire necklaces to moissanite rings.
  • Secure it (in the secure) – Safes are ideal for keeping your jewelry and other essential items. Furthermore, they’re nearly impervious to damage, guaranteeing that your precious jewelry is safe. You can also incorporate partitioned trays into your safe to separate your valuables.
  • Place it on the wall. Hanging your jewelry on your wall will keep it in one spot and add an excellent design to your house. This method of storage is ideal for homes with small storage space. However, you should pick a wall that won’t be directly in contact with sunshine or moisture. Walk-in closets are great for hanging jewelry storage organizers.


Knowing how to clean moissanite rings and maintain them in good condition also means being aware of when to wear the band in the first instance.

In the end, wearing your ring properly can help guard against future damage and stains. This makes cleaning your ring a lot easier later on.

To keep your moissanite band sparkling with unmatched brilliance, take your ring off for the following circumstances:

  • While exercising vigorously, If you’re engaged in gentle exercises, like walking at a fast pace or yoga at home, wearing your moissanite ring could add a bit of shine to your workout. But, if you’re pumping iron, doing laps, or shooting hoops at the local court, removing your moissanite band can help avoid scratch marks and dirt from scratch or sweat.
  • While swimming, whether going for a swim at the beach or preparing for the Olympics, taking off your moissanite jewelry before swimming will allow you to keep the ring safe for spectacular occasions, like when you are triumphant on the podium. That’s because chlorine can harm some gemstones–wildly colored gemstones. Also, saltwater can damage jewelry. Keep your ring away from the water if you don’t want your precious gems to appear like a treasure chest.
  • Remove the moissanite ring before scrubbing your home when cleaning or doing yard work because most products contain hazardous chemicals. Additionally, you should avoid wearing your moissanite when gardening. Certain chemicals in fertilizers could damage jewelry, and you do not want to lose your ring while cutting the lawn.
  • When exposed to sunlight and heat– Although the sunlight’s glow can look beautiful when it reflects off your ring, long-term exposure to light and heat could cause damage to and darken almost every gem. Taking off your call is recommended when you’re soaking the sunlight’s radiation.

Take care of your ring and ensure it’s secure. You’ll not only keep that sparkling shine that caught your attention initially, but you’ll also minimize the professional cleaning they require and ensure the longevity of your precious stone for many years.

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